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Himalayan Natural salt Lamp

Manufactures Of Himalayan Salt lamps, Rock salt Lamps, Salt lamp wholesaler and supplier of UK,USA ,Canada ,india ,rock salt lamp have many benifits like proivde usnegative ions, We Export our Best Quality ROCK SALT Product to all many countries, we make all Kind of pink salt Product but especially in Natural Shape we give Salt to shape Like a Salt mountain then we can see a real shape of Natural Salt Lamps with beautiful and shining Rose wood base and Four other salt products too like Himalayan Salt Tiles, Himalayan Salt Bricks, Himalayan Salt Blocks, Himalayan USB Salt Lamp,we Have Blood red Salt lamp ,and White Salt lamps too



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Himalayan Natural salt Lamp 2-4 Kg

We are manufactures and wholesaler Supplier of  natural  salt lamp in Pakistan and Export to Himalayan salt product in low cost  to Uk,Autralia ,Uk ,USA , this lamps are available in many different weight like 2-800 kg this natural crystal salt lamps have many benefits like rock salt lamps are Naturally air purifier provide us  healthy fresh air specially for asthma  ,This Rock salt have many colure like super dark red lamp, Snow White salt ,Purple and gray too

Himalayan Natural salt Lamp 4-6 Kg

Buy Natural salt lamps from Royal Salt Company on your target price, glow this Himalayan crystal salt with Best Quality electrical  cord and Bulb ,this ionic crystal salt lamps many health benefits like a air purifier provide us healthy air and using for home decorator and  too , and that’s benifits Really work  we are sale our product to many Countries , we have many others shapes and size of Pink Salt lamps like large dslt lamps and bowl, pyramid ball and that’s 100% natural salt on best Quality Wood or stone Base ,we can provide large pink Himalayan pink salt  2-800 kg salt lamp but 80% salt lamp Order Between 2-30 kg from European countries ,

Himalayan Natural salt Lamp 6-10 Kg


 A Natural and Amazing gift on Christmas  & Wedding and Other New year ,festivals Beautiful  Himalayan rock salt Lamp  you can Buy Directly from Wholesaler on Best sale Export price  ,On This Christmas Offer  we are Off 50% Price at all the salt lamp Import huge and small Himalayan Natural rock salt lamp , Candle holder ,and other Salt product contact us for price and other Inform ion


Himalayan White salt Lamps 2-4 Kg

A New Product white Himalayan Crystal salt lamp with high Quality wood base in Perfect packing this white rock salt lamp sale offer available in huge Quality with low Price ,Contact us for  import directly from Factory , All kind of  White salt Product are available like Natural Shape , bowl ,Tails ,Candle holder ,Animals Shape, White salt lumps, Massage  stone, licking salt  ,blocks for cattle , Cooking slab and Other

Himalayan RED salt Lamps 2-4 Kg

A very unique and most require Deep and Dark Red Salt Lamp from Himalayan Salt Mountain, that’s red salt rock lamp is most famous  in Taiwan ,China and Japan that’s only one Salt mine of this red colure salt


We can make 2-600 Kg Salt lamps on our buyers requirement

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