Himalayan Lick Salt 2-4 KG

Himalayan Lick Salt 4-6 KG

Himalayan Press Block

Animal lick Compress block Available in 1-2 KG 2-4 KG 4-6 KG 8-10 Kg

this Pink salt lumps Lick Price are Very low then other lick salt Product because When we Give durme Shape to salt Lick big amount salt goes Waste and this all waste salt Price add in this lick salt but in Lumps Lick salt is just Natural Salt Stone with Rope Hope , Salt Quality Nutrition all Same

1)Increased milk yield.

2)Stops cattle drinking their urine.                              

3)Helps reduce Cud Ball.                                         

4)Salt balances sodium potassium ration (dairy cows)

5)Reduces Risk of Frothy Bloat.

6)Helps harden the hooves of animals.

7)Contains up to 80 trace elements.

8)Blood formation – boosts heat cycling (fertility)

50% Low Price then Normal Lick Salt (Lumps Licks )

Salt Lump with Rope (No Shape ) because  of making Shape big amount salt gone Waste and Price also high , All Nutrition are Same 

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