Himalayan Red Salt Blow Lamp

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Himalayan Red Salt Angel Lamp

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Himalayan Red Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Red Heart Lamp

Himalayan Blood Red Salt Lamps

Royal salt manufacturer of Himalayan dark Red salt Product Pakistan , This 100 % Pure and organic Natural Blood Red colore non Colored and Non- Processed Salt Truly pure Natural and Nature Original ,    ,this Special  Salt Mines located in Kalabagh Punjab  the rare dark Crystal fond in 4000 Meters Depths in Mountains , this Ancient Minerals Deposit save in earth from 250 million years ,this kind  Salt Few Mines and Demand of this salt are increasing in International and local market ,

When the Blood red salt lamp become hot , the large amount of minerals and Various trace Elements Contained in it will release negative ions known as air vitamins , its can ne absorb moisture in the atmosphere , condense the vapor

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